Pink Hair – Don’t Care

After about 15 years of changing my hair color to any shade on the natural spectrum, it was finally time to go rogue.  Despite warnings against, I dyed my hair fuchsia a couple months ago.  Bright.  Mother-effing.  Pink.

The naysayers seemed to think this beautiful hue would perhaps hurt my credibility at work, but I finally realized that I didn’t care about such things.  Anyone who would stop taking me seriously simply because of the color of my hair wasn’t someone I wanted to be around anyway.  I’ve proven myself time and again, in several industries, but if suddenly having a mane as bright as my mind is going to call my credentials into question, I’d rather not have you as a client.

Fortunately, that wasn’t the case.

In fact, several of my clients loved the pink hair.  Others clearly wouldn’t have made the same choice, but didn’t treat me any differently for having made it myself.  Outside of the office I found myself on the receiving end of so many more compliments than I’d ever been given before.  Women everywhere were telling me how much they liked my hair, and how courageous and “cool” I must be to “go all out like that”.  One woman swerved her car over towards the sidewalk I was traveling so she could yell out the window “Girl, your hair is EVERYTHING!”

I had such a blast with the pink hair.  I felt strong, and bold, and fierce.  Like I could do anything at all.  There’s courage in “otherness” that makes you powerful.  Embracing that fire and being unafraid in the face of the world can set you free.  I wish the dye could have lasted longer – but the freedom will last forever.