Fire Performance

Bring the WOW factor to your event with a live fire dancing show!

Fiercely Serene fire performances are a unique and stunning way to give your audience something spectacular. Using numerous wicked dance props and exciting musicality, Amanda creates intricate dance routines that are sure to amaze. A flow dancer at heart, Amanda’s performances are not choreographed in advance; instead, she interprets the music on-the-spot through her movement, ensuring that every show will be one-of-a-kind!

Performances can be tailored to fit party themes through music, and song requests can usually be accommodated if notified in advance. Please note that for safety reasons, costuming may not be customizable for theming.

Fire performances are almost exclusively outdoors (weather dependent), and fire requests ware also dependent on permitting and venue permissions, space and safety requirements, and other considerations. At least 15’x15′ span of level, flat, stable, fire-safe surface is required (grass or dirt may be okay as long as it is dry and firm), with at least 15′ overhead clearance. A safety assistant is included in any booking.

It is strongly recommended that you contact your local fire department as well, to learn what permits and permissions may be required, before engaging any live fire performance. Fiercely Serene can provide proof of insurance, fire safety certifications, and documentation of all safety procedures and props used upon request.

If you are interested in adding fire to an event, please email to discuss.