Amanda Nyx, Fiercely Serene Studios

It’s hard to tell you who I am.  I never see myself through the same set of eyes twice.   Some days I see a former athlete who may have pushed too hard a few times; other days I see a young woman continuing to be strong both physically and mentally.  One day I may see myself as a wanna-be creative-type with nothing but a really messy craft room; the next day I may consider myself an artist and take immense pride in my work.  There’s a struggle in there, every day, for which angle is the “right” one.

But recently, I’m starting to learn that perhaps there ISN’T a right way to see myself.  Maybe it’s okay to not always be sure – or even to always be changing.  Not every day will be a proud one, nor will every day be an elated one.  There will be successes and failures and non-starters and great achievements.  And I’m starting to think that maybe I’ve been looking for the wrong things.

With this in mind, I’ve started searching for a different kind of life.  I am embracing freedom (and the uncertainty being free can create) to open myself to new opportunities, to live the life that leads me where I want to be, and to find the right balance inside of myself.  It’s not work-life or social-solitary or inside-outside balance.  It’s the delicate line between when to be fierce and when to be serene.


Artist Curriculum Vitae

Professional Experience:

2020-       Co-founder and Program Coordinator, #VoicesOfCLE
2019-       Performance Artist/Dancer, Fiercely Serene Studios
2019-       Workshop Artist, Northcoast Promotions Inc
2019-       Co-founder and Marketing Manager, #ListenCLE
2019-       Workshop Artist, Cleveland Candle Company
2019-       IngenuityLabs Coordinator, IngenuityFest
2019-       Art Director; ManorFest Music & Arts Festival
2019-       Assistant Art Director; Brite Winter Festival
2018-       Production Manager, Costume and Set Design; Hello Headrush
2018-       Art Director, Event Manager; McFarland Manor
2018-       Fine Artist, Workshop Artist; Fiercely Serene Studios

Featured Installations:

2020 Crystal Elementals Fairy Doors, Holden Arboretum, Kirtland OH
2020 COVID Cave, InsideOut Project at Space:Rock, Cleveland OH
2020 Fluri’s Scrapbook Game, Brite Winter Festival, Cleveland OH (collaboration with Michael McFarland, Emily Applebaum, and John Kasunich)
2020 Grandpa’s Basement Bar, Brite Winter Festival, Cleveland OH (collaboration with Michael McFarland)
2019 Zen SoundScapes, IngenuityFest, Cleveland OH (collaboration with Michael McFarland)
2019 Syncretism, FireFish Festival, Lorain OH
2019 The Process, Rooms to Let, Cleveland OH (collaboration with AIR 216)
2019 Dream Gate, Dreamers Bal, Cleveland OH
2019 Dream Chandeliers, Dreamers Bal, Cleveland OH
2019 Dream Beds, Dreamers Bal, Cleveland OH (collaboration with Michael McFarland)
2019 Train, Brite Winter Festival, Cleveland OH (collaboration with Eugene Zbarash)
2019 Train Escape Game, Brite Winter Festival, Cleveland OH (collaboration with Michael McFarland)

Solo Exhibitions:

2020 Crystalline Worlds I, Cafe Phix Midtown
2020 Crystalline Worlds II, Edison’s Tremont

Large-Scale Commissions:

2019 Moon Bench, painting and decoration, Sapphire Creek Winery Summer Solstice Party, Chagrin Falls OH (collaboration via Ingenuity Cleveland)
2019 Into the Manor, painting and prayer flag decoration, ManorFest Music & Arts Festival, Cleveland OH


2020 Ignite! Impact Award, Ingenuity Cleveland, Cleveland OH
2020 SPACES Emergency Relief Grant, SPACES Satellite Fund in conjunction with the Andy
Warhol Foundation, Cleveland OH
2019 Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Match Fund Grant, ioby, Cleveland OH


2018-         Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland OH (studio art and art therapy)
2008-12    MA/PhD Art History and Archaeology, Ohio State University, Columbus OH (non-terminal program, incomplete)
2004-08   BA Religious Studies/Asian Studies/International Studies, Kenyon College, Gambier OH
2007          Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing, China (art and language studies)