Art and Crafting Class Offerings

Fiercely Serene Studios offers a wide variety of art programming for both public and private events. New classes are added regularly.
Email for more details on any of these great workshops!


Art Journaling Workshops

Art journaling combines habitual self-expression with a wide variety of mixed media art techniques in a fun and rewarding art-as-therapy practice. Workshops for art journaling can be taken as one-time mixed media classes, but Fiercely Serene recommends tying together multiple classes in a weekly series to help build positive journaling routines.


Gel Press Monoprinting

Create one-of-a-kind masterpieces with this fun and engaging printmaking class! Your instructor will demonstrate a variety of printing techniques, then you’ll be free to play around with the media and press to bring your own visions to life. Participants typically make 3-5 pieces in this two hour class.


NEWLY ADDED: Concertina Bookmaking Workshop

Originally developed as a less cumbersome alternative to parchment scrolls, concertinas (sometimes called accordion fold books) are a simple, no-sew way to create your own blank book! Your instructor will guide you through the process of preparing your paper, decorating your covers, and assembling a concertina booklet.


NEWLY ADDED: Simple Stitched Bookmaking Workshop

These cute little “zine” style booklets are a great introduction to sewn-spine bookbinding! Your instructor will guide you through preparing your signatures and decorating your covers, then will teach a basic three-hole sewn binding method to assemble your booklet.


Faux Watercolor Workshop

Love that watercolor vibe but hesitant to dive into the world of watercolor painting? This class introduces an inexpensive, easy-to-learn alternative to abstract watercolors that’ll get you hooked! Your instructor will demonstrate the basic technique and several options for finishing pieces, then you’ll be free to play around with the media and press to bring your own visions to life. Participants typically make 3-5 pieces in this two hour class.


Introduction to Neurographic Drawing

Neurographic art is a transformative, therapeutic style originally developed in 2014 by psychologist Pavel Piskarev. Using a few basic principles and guidelines, these images are meant to mimic the look of synaptic relays in the brain and neurons while processing stress, trauma, or any other mental blockage you may be facing. This extremely relaxing and accessible artform is easy to learn and applicable any time. Participants will be guided through the process of drawing the neurographic lines while discussing
the application of art-as-therapy in this unique workshop.


Mark-Making Abstracts Workshop

Painting can be intimidating, even when you’re trying to make abstract art. This workshop uses craft foam and recycled cardboard to create mark-making stamps to make abstract acrylics more accessible and to simplify the process of creating a fabulous painting! Your instructor will discuss the wide variety of mark-making techniques and how to use them in painting before demonstrating how to make your very own mark-making stamps. Participants will create a finished abstract art piece on a canvas board and a series of 3-5 foam stamps.


Fluid Acrylic/Pour Painting

Give this abstract art trend a try! Fluid acrylic is accessible for ANY age, and almost always creates stunning results. Your instructor will demonstrate basic pour techniques including paint mixing and popular pour styles, then you’ll be able to choose your own colors and style to create a truly unique piece of art. Please be advised that fluid acrylic pours can take 24-48 hours to dry completely, and must be left flat – have a table in a dry location ready for your party’s paintings to sit overnight.


Paint-and-Sip Paintings

Bring the fun and excitement of paint-and-sip classes directly to your event or venue! Fiercely Serene Studios provides all supplies for these traditional painting classes, and the instructor will take the group through recreating the image in a beginner-friendly, step-by-step process with plenty of room for individuality and one-on-one instruction as needed.

Don’t see a painting you like? Let us know – custom paintings can be created to meet your event’s needs!


Speed Painting with Spray Paint

Spray paint is a wonderfully versatile medium, and it’s easier than you think to create stunning landscapes quickly! Your instructor will demonstrate a variety of spray painting techniques, then you’ll be free to play around with the paint and tools to bring your own visions to life. Participants typically make 3-5 pieces in this two hour class. Please note that spray paint sessions MUST be done outdoors, and all participants are required to wear a mask to prevent inhalation of chemical particles.


Crafting Workshops

Fiercely Serene is always adding new types of workshops! These crafting classes vary in cost depending on supplies; please inquire directly if you are interested in any of these exciting options.